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Centre d'Interaction pour le Développement
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I. Geographical and socio-economic situation in Togo

Located on the west coast of Africa, Togo, bordered by Ghana in the west, the Republic of Benin in the East and the Northern Burkina Fasoau, extends between 6 ° and 11 ° North latitude and the 0 ° and 2 ° East longitude. It has the shape of a corridor about 700 km long with an opening of 50 km on the Atlantic Ocean South. Togolese territory has about 5 million inhabitants on an area of ​​56,600 km2. Its capital is Lomé with more than 1.200.000 inhabitants. The country enjoys a tropical climate. There are more than one hundred ethnic groups, the main ones being the "Ewe", the "kabyè" and the "Kotokoli".
Togo is a developing country whose economy relies mainly on agriculture. They produce coffee, cocoa and cotton for export, food products such as maize, manioc, yam, sorghum, beans and millet for local consumption and marketing.
Besides these products, the export of phosphate is not to be neglected in the national economy. It should be noted that Togo is a country with a presidential regime and its official language is French; It is also a country of the franc zone.

CID-TOGO is an association of voluntary volunteers, apolitical and not-for-profit. It brings together young students, students, peasants, teachers, graduates, executives and artisans from the city of Kpalimé and elsewhere. TOGO DEVELOPMENT INTERACTION CENTER is registered under No. 0091 / MATDCL-SG-DLPAP-DOCA, of the Ministry of Territorial Administration for the Decentralization of Local Communities.
After study and in-depth analysis of the various problems especially those of youth, as we enter the third millennium; It would be good to reflect for a moment on what constitutes youth and may also be life. Society should stop to try to reduce everything that implies the selfish solutions that have characterized the past years and thus allow the youth of the world to rekindle the flame of lost values, apparently lost, Which normally guide our youth, grope in the shadow of laxity and economic priorities. The young people of CID-TOGO have taken up the development of their communities by engaging in certain areas such as: - Valuing natural and socio-cultural resources for the sustainable development of grassroots communities. - Promote self-employment of young people - Help local communities create agropastoral production groups. - Educating and enabling the rural masses to practice sustainable agriculture techniques. - Protect and clean the environment. - Support education
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