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Conditions for participation in summer camps

Without distinction of sex, religion or race our camps camps are open to all volunteers. Anyone with a feeling of volunteerism and willing to contribute voluntarily to the development of rural communities and enrich themselves with new experiences.
In order to do this, CID-TOGO organizes a week-long training and information week in Togo for both national and expatriate volunteers before the current project. Therefore, it is not compulsory for expatriates to be trained on camp camps in an association at home before coming: it is optional.
No special skills are required. The only rules to be observed are:

Be at least 18 years of age. Those under the age of 18 also have the opportunity to participate in the camps. They just need parental permission
Commitment and voluntary commitment in the broad sense of the term
Commit to respecting the traditional structures, rules and taboos of the localities where the work sites take place
To love one's neighbor without distinction of race, sex, religion, standard of living or education
Ensure before coming (Repatriation insurance, etc ...)
Equip yourself with work clothes, work or field shoes, usual convenience items (no weapons), musical instruments and prepare practical recipes and songs
Paying your participation fee

Participation fee
Volunteers pay their participation fees in TOGO
Before the start of the chosen site. The fees are paid in cash, CFA or Euros.
To withdraw money, the visa cards are usable in the banks of the big cities. Expatriate volunteers can also exchange checks here, but in this case, these checks must have a receipt from the bank that issued them.
The completed registration form must be received as soon as possible.

Why do I have to pay the participation fee
The association does not receive any subsidy, whether public or private. These costs therefore make it possible to finance the organization of work sites and the smooth functioning of the association throughout the year.
Fees include:

· Accommodation at the site
· Catering for the duration of the project (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
· Site equipment costs
· Transportation costs
- From Lomé airport to accommodation on the first day of your arrival and the last day
- From the accommodation in Lomé to the Consulate
- De Lomé instead of the construction site

· Accommodation in Lomé until the day of departure in the village
Fees do not include:

· Round-trip flight
· Visa fees
· Food in Lomé
· Leisure activities (visits, excursions ...)
· Personal purchases
· Any hospital costs (of course we will assist you and will support you in all cases

To receive further information, write to us
Center for Interaction for Development "CID-TOGO"
Atakpamé road opposite Kpodzi High School
14BP: 243
Lome- TOGO00228) 99579468 ou (00228)98209090, 0022892749273 ">

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